Supporters Like You

Read about supporters like you who are ensuring the excellence and the continuance of Catholic schools on Long Island.

Peggy Ranieri York

Peggy’s parents were the founding members of Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation and raised her to understand the importance of receiving a Catholic education. Now, Peggy gives back to the students in her community as a teacher and a supporter.

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“My mother and father, Peg and Lewis Ranieri, were the founding members of Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation. Catholic education always held a tremendously big place in Peg’s heart. My parents felt every child should be afforded the opportunity to attend Catholic school. I attended Catholic school at Elizabeth Ann Seton Regional School in Bellmore, and Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale. My parents taught me the importance of my faith and Catholic education throughout my life, and now I am a teacher at Kellenberg along with my husband Bobby. One of the best decisions Bobby and I have made was to send our son Anthony to Catholic school. We as a family hope to teach Anthony the same values my parents taught me, by ensuring the continuance of Catholic education for our future leaders through The Legacy of Hope Society.”

June & Larry Keller

June and Larry Keller plan on being STAR donors forever, because Catholic schools help children know God is on their side.

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“The world is a really tough place and getting harder every day for children, I truly believe sending children to Catholic school is that much more important because they need God in their lives every day and to know that he is there for them. I know that my children are different people because they know that they have God on their side, and it was completely reinforced from them because they attended Catholic School. I plan on donating to Tomorrow’s Hope forever, to help all children attend Catholic School!”

“We always appreciate Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation for their generosity over the years. Without the support, we wouldn’t be able to keep our daughters in the same school they have been in since nursery.”

Scholarship Recipient, St. Brigid/Our Lady of Hope, Westbury

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